House for Sale

House for Sale



It’s official now, our house is currently for sale.  We have spent several weeks decluttering items that had been hiding for far too long in closets and cupboards.  Several car loads have made it to donation centers and at least two trips to the dump with leftovers from home renovations that should no longer be needed.   When it does sell, no doubt there will be more donations and items to sell as the cost of storage is quite substantial.  My better half also did the lions share of cleaning to make the house as presentable as possible.  In the meantime, Magnus continues to do his best to make it feel like home by shedding on everything and spreading his toys around the floor.

Fortunately I am not struggling with emotional attachment to the house which was a bit of a concern as I have done a lot of work installing hardwood floors in the great room and the full second floor, building a patio with cedar framed garden beds, a front walkway and with my Dad’s help, finishing the basement.  Currently, I am just reflecting on the memories from having completed these experiences which I think is healthy as it would be a shame to let a house stand in the way of a new adventure.

While the snow pile in front of the house is not the biggest we’ve had in the 6+ years we’ve lived in Kitchener, it is still enough to bury the Hobie Cat trailer in the front lawn.  While the trailer was never supposed to be there, winter came early and I didn’t get a chance to fix the wiring before the snow stayed.  Now I’m hoping winter stays cold just long enough to keep the trailer hidden for the sale of the house.  It will be a nuissance to dig it out when it reveals itself, so if the house is sold when this happens there will be a bit less urgency.  Plus with the trailer being hidden, I can take the out of sight out of mind approach and delay making a decision on whether to try and sell the Hobie this spring or keep it and try and log  a few more miles on it this summer first.

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